Information Technolgy Infrastructure Library

ITIL is the most widely accepted approach to IT service management in the world.ITIL provides a cohesive set of best practice , drawn from the public and private sectors.It also provides a practical framework for planning , identifying , delivering and supporting IT business all over the globe.
In 1980s UK government’s Central computer and Telecommunications Agency had devolped set of recomedations , and many government agencies and and private sectors had started creating their own IT management practices.The IT Infrastructure Library originated as a collection of books , each covering specific practice within IT service management. ITIL was built around a rocess -model based view of controlling and managing operators often credited to W Edwards Deming.
ITIL advocates that IT services must be aligned to he needs of the business and underpin the core business processes.ITIL provides guidance to IT organizations to facilitae business change ,transformatin and growth.
ITIL provides huge benefits like improved IT services. It also helps in improving coustmerstaisfaction through a more professional approach to service delivery.ITIL also helps in reducing the cost and improving the productivity.ITIL best practices are currently detailed within five core publications which provide professional and systematic approch on how to manage the IT services.It also helps in delivering appropriate services and continually the meeting bussiness goals and providing them benefits.
ITIL provides guidance on clarification and priortisation of service provider investments in services.Candidates in the ITIL intermediate capabilty stream offering and aggrementsqualiication course are most closely aligned to the qualification course in the lificycle stream.
IT infrastucture is obtained at the most effective price and calculating the cost of providing IT services so that a Business organization can understands the costs of the services which can be recovered from the coustmer of the service.
Good practice guidance on the design of IT services processes is provides by the ITIL service design.Service design addresses how a planned service solution interacts with the larger business and technical environments, service management systems required to support the service, processes which interact with the service, technology, and architecture required to support the service, and the supply chain required to support the planned service.
Many organizations worldwide such as NASA , HSBC bank etc have adopted ITIL. ITIL is also supported by quality services from a wide range of providers including examination institutes, accredited training providers and consultancies, software and tool vendors and well known service providers such as IBM, HP and many more.
A comprehensive qualifications scheme offering a variety of training courses and certifications has been developed against the guidance. This scheme can help organizations to effectively implement ITIL, achieving success by ensuring that employees have the relevant knowledge, skills and techniques, but most importantly, ensuring the entire organization is using a common language and are fully invested in the process.


Have you ever wanted to document an event but not be bothered taking photos while it’s occurring? Or have you ever tried to photograph an event but missed that special moment? The new Autographer wearable camera will do the job for you, as the shutters are automatically triggered by a



Oxford Metrics Group (OMG) is launching the new Autographer wearable camera in November. The gadget, supposed to be worn around the neck, takes photos when its sensor is triggered by something interesting happening.


The sensor triggers a shutter when it detects a change in temperature, color, direction, acceleration and subject notion. The Autographer silently captures the moment in a 5-megapixel photograph. According to the designers, the final images are a natural fish-eye look at your day.


The back-illuminated sensor is similar to the one inside a smartphone, including a fixed focus 0.6m-infinity lens made of glass, providing clarity and durability. The only difference is that the angle of view is wider than that of a cameraphone. The lightweight camera (58g) does not include a flash.


Other specifications include a battery that will last more than one day, 8G of storage space — enough to capture between one to two weeks’ worth of photos, GPS to record the location, plus Bluetooth so that you can transfer images wirelessly to your mobile phone.


Settings include the sensitivity of the sensor, which will also have an impact on how many pictures you’re likely to get.

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WordPress Absolute Beginner’s Guide

WordPress Absolute Beginner's Guide

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